• Three different ATL skills courses for students of different ages to improve the effectiveness of their learning, their motivation, their resilience and their academic achievement at school -  now available in both English and French languages
  • One after-school seminar for teachers to introduce the ATL skills and resilience building approach to teaching
  • One evening seminar for parents to help them to understand the ATL framework and how a focus on the skills of effective learning both at school and at home can help their children achieve greater academic success and achieve their full potential
  • Up to three days of interactive workshop training for teaching and administration staff in ATL programme design and implementation.
  • Consultancy in ATL programme implementation.
  • Learning about Learning - For MYP Students – 11-14 Years old
  • Exam Confidence – For MYP and DP Students – 13 -18 Years old
  • Courage, Resilience and Failing Well – For IBDP Students – 16-18 Years old
Parent Courses:
  • Bring Up Digital Natives – For Junior School Parents
  • Courage, Resilience and Failing Well – For Senior School Parents
Teacher Courses:
  • ATL Program Design and Implementation
  • Teaching with ATL in mind
  • Free After-School Seminar for Teachers (following Student Courses)
  • CONSULTANCY IN 21ST CENTURY SKILL -  Programme Design, Development and Implementation
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